Hi everyone, Welcome to a new article.
I'm going to show you some nice clothing pieces that I love...
Hope you'll like them!

Ok, so let's start with shoes.

vans, yellow, and shoes image
first, these basic low vans with a kind of "chessboard" print and the yellow wave.
adidas, kanye, and sneakers image
then, all types and kinds of yeezys !
aesthetic, Balenciaga, and alternative image
balenciaga sneakers are just my current dreamshoes !
Superthumb Superthumb
theses ones are the pharell adidas nmd's.
Image by the_gal
other balenciagas...


Now, let's see some clothes/outfits.

fashion Superthumb Superthumb Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review
all kinds of sweatshirsts
fashion style Superthumb best friends
fashion black beauty Superthumb
classy things/suits
fashion fashion Superthumb adidas
black aesthetic clothes fashion

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