1. It Original/remake

Both the original and the remake are good, there is no competition I would say. Bill Skarsgard did a fantastic job as pennywise like Tim Curry did in the original.

2. 1408
I didn't know that this was a Stephen King book, I don't it's called "1408" but it's something else, But I'm not sure. I thought the movie was good.

3. Misery
I thought the movie was ok, it wasn't exciting to be honest, I mean if it was grown during the 80s/90s, I would probably be exciting and say it was amazing. I think my favourite part is Annie's reaction when she finds out that the author was going to kill off misery.

4. Cujo
I read half of this book but than I stop, so I watched the movie instead. I thought this was good.
5. Stand by me
This is one of my favourite Stephen King movies. the book is actually called "The Body" It's that the type of movie that I would watch like everyday or on rainy day.

6. The shining
Like misery, I thought it was ok and if I was growing up during the 80s, I would probably be more excited.

7. Christine
It was ok, but to be honest I don't think I was paying that much attention.

8. Pet Sematary
By far my favourite Stephen king movie. It was so awesome from beginning to end and I love the song that played at the end.