Here , on we heart it , i've found amazing people with amazing eyes

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This looks exactily like my eyes XD :*
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And with a amazing heart and amazing stories to peoples heart are hidding a explosion of colours , courage , beautiful memories and good things .

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Image by AnaMaria1103ana45
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I found here people with talent at :


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And with so much other talents who have courage , a beautiful heart , and who love this website . People who found them world here , on we heart it and who have interesting life and something to say , something to show , who have a sad life maybe or who come here for only heart photos and 4 fun

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People who like calligraphy (me)

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Image by AnaMaria1103ana45
Image by AnaMaria1103ana45
Image by AnaMaria1103ana45
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Image by AnaMaria1103ana45

At the end i wanna say that i was meet amazing peoples here and i am happy that i was wanna to make a account here..without this account i wasn't see everyday the most beautiful photos from the world...i wasn't make articles...and say what my heart and my mind thinks about life , drawing , music and other amazing things !!! Thanks to We Heart It that made a website....but is not a our own world...a world when picture can says our feelings....whet we think....what we like...

Heart this and follow me :) have a nice day and all you dreams be reality

With love ,