Hi lovely hearters!

First of all I wanna say that I'm so happy with how fast my WHI account is growing! in 3 months my followers has gone from 100 to 1,3k and I'm so so happy about that! I want to thank all my followers! They motivate me to write more articles and update my collections.

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Today I want to talk about mine and your personal style. As usual I will give you a few tips on how to find your personal style and how to maintain it.
I've also wrote an article about finding out who you are, which is also a good step if you really want to find your own unique style.

Everyone has their own style but some of you just mix things that you think other people would love. You can do so much with fashion but you'll feel more comfortable and confident in the clothes you love!
So here are some tips I've found for you:


Sit back and relax with your laptop or Phone right next to you and search through WHI (or pinterest) for some inspiration.
Heart some outfits you love, motivating quotes....
(I've made a collection called 'My Real style.' where I collect pictures that represent my personal style.

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Some people can be judgemental but if you really wanna find your own style... don't care what they think of you. You are gorgeous in your own way and style. Those judgemental girls/boys maybe don't know their own style.

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Never go shopping with just a good friend, they don't know you as good as your bestie or even your mom and don't Always know your own style.
If you wanna maintain your style, you need to keep buying things you love.
I only go shopping with my mom, sister, boyfriend and bestie, it's so much easier and I only buy things that I really love and not the things people want to see me in.

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There are a lot of youtubers with their own personal style.
Search someone who has the same style as you so you can watch their videos, for example hauls...
If they have the same style, they will show some cute and nice clothes or outfits that you'll love AND they'll tell you where they bought it.
My favorite youtuber is Freddy Cousin Brown or FreddyMyLove. She shares the same style as me and I recently bought a coat she showed in one of her hauls.

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This is Freddy.

These were a few tips on how to maintain your style and how to find it.
I hope it helped you a little bit!
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Till next time gorgeous and don't forget to SLAY YOUR DAY!

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(From now on I wanna end every article with an inspirational quote to boost your confidence <3)

xx m.yrt.h.e