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Some of you may not know but I'm actually muslim and a hijabi. The word "hijabi" means basically a girl wearing hijab. The thought about wearing hijab has never ouccured my mind. It simply was something that was obvious. When you enter puberty as a young muslim girl you're in the right position to start wearing hijab or "head scarf". Even though it sounds and look like it the hijab is not just a piece of cloth you wrap around your head. Hijab is so much more. When somebody wears hijab they take the decision to cover their hair for Allah(God)'s sake and they are promising Allah to never take it of in public. Hijab should not be seen as a way of showing style or wearing it because it's trendy. There is a difference between a hijab and a headwrap. Hijab is a part of the religion Islam.

Some people are not happy with women wearing hijab and being modest. Not because they are racists, but because they believe hijabis and muslim women are being supressed and forced to cover themselves; otherwise other women or men in the muslim community will point them out for not being "real" muslims. They think it's absurd as women are supposed to be as free as men to wear what they like. According to other people women wear hijab and dress modest to cover their beauty and save it for the one they love. Allah loves women and wants to keep them safe.

There is no right or wrong in this opinions. There is no "real" muslim and Islam isn't just about praying five times a day, going to the mosque or wearing hijab. It's about accepting and being tolerant towards our fellows, even our enemies! It's about sharing and caring with our muslim brothers and sisters. The most important thing in is Islam is about your moral and who you are.

I believe it's important in today's society to talk about this. Just becuase someone wears hijab doesn't mean they are super good and religious. There are girls who wear hijab but can talk behind their friends back and then their are girls who don't wear hijab but still don't trash their friends. Who has a better moral?

Don't feel hesitated to wear hijab. Hijab isn't something to be rushed or forced into. If you're struggling don't ever think you're alone feeling this way. I can say this because nobody here on WHI actually know who I am or know me. For a little over one year ago I was forced into wearing hijab. After summer holiday I was going to transfer to another school because the school I was going to had only classes to 6th grade. My mom was putting pressure on me. I also thought it was going to be easy as nobody in the new school would know me. The friends that I had had worn hijab since they were kids. But I was starting it in year 7. The night before school was going to start I got cold feet and said no. My mom was very dissapointed although I tried to explain to her to give me more time. Time passed. After approximately a year my mom was again pocking on me to wear start wearing hijab. I tried to think of the disadvatntages of wearing hijab. I liked my hair as it was and I liked to have it long and free, letting the wind play with it. When I told mum to give me more time she told me she would burn in the pit of hell and that Allah would punish her for not guiding me right in the path of Allah.
"Is this what you want?Making me burn in Jahanna, after all I've sacrificed for you?"

After that, she stopped talking to me for a month. I held myself back, thinking mom was just trying to manipulate me. And then, I couldn't take it. One morning I just took one of mom's very long hijabs and put it on. I went to mom's workkplace and showed her. I was wearing hijab and my mom was crying calling releatives bragging about me wearing hijab. When I came back to school in 8th grade, everybody was cheering on me for wearing hijab. I just got positive comments from everybody at school and at home. Everybody was happy for me, but I wasn't. I was questioning my happiness. Cause' whatever I was feeling, it wasn't happiness. Then it struck me that I had put on the hijab just to make my mom happy. I didn't want to wear it.

Since that day, I've been struggling whether I should keep wering it or not. I'm in year nine now. This is my last year in elementary- or primaryschool or whatever. In Sweden we say "grundskola", that's why I don't really know the exact word in english.

I'm not saying that every hijabi has been forced to wear hijab, no. I'm just saying that if you or anybody else are struggling with the decision, you should be thinking who you want to make happy, yourself or somebody else. It has to come from the heart and my heart said no to hijab. But my actions made me wear it.

So, back to the question, is hijab a crown or an oppression?

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