~Heyy! Today is the second day of #whichallenge ! And today i'm gonna write about my fears

2.Describe 3 legitimate fear you have and explain how they became fears

1. Heights
High places have always distressed me. If i go somewhere high i'll become anxious. I'm sure that i'm gonna fall and i start feel little dizzy. When i was younger this fear was even worse for me. I wasn't able to wall climb because i was so freaking scared that i could fall.

I'm so thankful for my best friend. She has helped me to get over this fear. Now i'm able to go roller coasters 'cause i'm not that scared anymore. I faced this fear and i'm so happy that i did that.

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2. Snakes
Okay i have background story about this fear.
When i was little me and my grandma were in our summer cottage. One day snake came inside the cottage and it bit my grandma. I cried and screamed. I was so worried that something horrible is gonna happen to my lovely grandma.
From that day i have hated and scared snakes. I got disgusted and i freak out even if i only see snake.

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armys will get this one

3. Losing someone who is close to me
This has always been my biggest fear. I have so many important people in my life. I can't imagine my life without them. When i start think about that someday is gonna be the day when someone important person is not going to be there anymore i feel VERY anxious. I can start cry too.

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