We get so caught up in life that we forget to truly live. It's always the little moments we forget to appreciate, like when the wind blows slightly towards us or when it starts to rain and the world smells completely different. It's not till we're on the brink of dying that we appreciate living When it comes down to it...that's when we realize that all the things we thought were important in our lives become very last priority. Every materialistic thing you've ever wanted becomes pointless. Every argument you had with others or grudges you had towards friends become irrelevant.

When your given a second chance at living you learn to appreciate the world and love others. You want nothing more then to go on adventures and create memories and live every day authentically as you can.To tell the people you love that you care about them and their existence in your life makes your world a thousand times better. when it comes down to it...all you want is to live a life that's full of love and meaning, sharing moments with other human beings.

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