The body and soul need some unwinding every now and then. Unwinding sounds nice, but is almost inconceivable as I look up from my laptop screen and view the pile of homework that lays upon my desk. So yes, I do realize that "unwinding" is easier said than done when you're a high school student. Ever since school begun, my weekdays and weekends have been dedicated to homework and studying (thanks AP classes). I scarcely have anytime for myself anymore. I realize that this is a huge problem. As important as school and grades may be to me, self care and mental health should also be. I can't imagine how my poor brain must feel with all the stress its had to put on these past few of weeks. Or my body, which hasn't been exposed to to exercise and healthy eating as much as it used to. So here I am, designing a guide on how to "unwind". I will try to refer back to this guide every now and then. Happy soul, happy mind, happy body, that's truly what the goal is.

#1 - Get out there and have fun

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The easiest way to unwind and forget about school for a bit is to go out and do something that will bring some excitement into your soul. Gather some friends, and go on an adventure!

#2 - Take in what the world has to offer

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By this I mean go outside, and simply breath in the fresh crisp air. Go on a hike, go to the beach... for gods sake take a walk in your neighborhood if thats all you can do! It doesn't matter where you are, just appreciate the little things in nature. The sound of the crashing waves, the birds singing, the intricate veins of a flower petal, the warm rich colors of the sunset... just take it in. Trust me, its the perfect way to disconnect from all your troubles.

#3- Start putting your thoughts on paper

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Start writing! I've found that writing in a diary truly helps you release your emotions. Don't keep all those toxic feelings or thoughts bottled of inside of you, let it out. I'm sure you've heard that phrase before. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to spill all your troubles to someone. Instead, write in a diary. You can rip it out and throw it away later if it really makes you cringe, but trust me, writing is the perfect outlet for emotions. You can rant on and on and on. Its only you, your mind, a pen, and paper.

#4 -Tune out with the right music

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The power of music is indescribable. Find music that brings you happiness. Find music that relaxes you. Find music that has you up shaking what ya momma gave you. Find music that soothes your soul. Find music that you can relate to. Just find anything that tunes you out of the troubles of the world.

In conclusion guys,

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So go unwind.
Alright, that's it