How did you just get up and leave? What did I do to make you stop caring? I will never understand half of the things you have done and how you did them. Do I ever cross your mind? I think about you everyday, you broke my heart but I still want you, but you moved on. You found someone better than me and I hope she makes you happier than I did but when you're taking her clothes off I hope you think of me, I hope you remember the sound of my soft voice, my lips touching yours, I hope my laugh replays in your head to the point it drives you mad, I hope you remember my touch, my smile that you once said was beautiful, and all our memories come swarming back at you like bees do when they smell something sweet. When you're out on the football field and look in the crowd I hope I'm the first one you see because I was always your biggest fan but maybe I'm not there for you anymore. I loved you more than any girl ever will and one day when it's too late to call me back I won't love you anymore, my heart will belong to someone else. But as for now, why did you leave? Why wasn't I good enough, what could I have done differently to make you stay? I hope one day you read this and wonder if it is about you because it is, you broke my heart into pieces and I was left alone to pick all those pieces up and try to make them go back together. I want the best for you but I also want you to realize what you lost. I loved you and it wasn't enough but you didn't love me and it was enough for me to stay, ironic isn't it? I hope you're happy right now, but I'm not I am destroyed but you don't give a damn and I don't think you ever did in the first place.