Hello guys?

In this post I will tell you what are the 5 pieces of essential clothes in every closet, regardless of the season, are versatile pieces that can assemble informal looks to the most formal, look:

Denim jacket

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Jeans jacket and a super versatile garment that works in many styles, from the most formal to the basic, day to day even the most sophisticated looks for the evening.

Pants jeans

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Another very versatile piece of clothing is the jeans, it has several models, flare, skinny pants, destroyed jeans, among other models that are great for composing looks, from simpler ones like: skinny jeans, T-shirt and tennis to the most formal like: flare pants, white shirt, sandal, bag, for work.


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T-shirts look beautiful with almost everything, pants, shorts, even with dress to make the overlays that are trend, so have at least two in your closet.

White shirt

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White shirt, a piece of clothing that went from the more formal looks of the work environment to the more informal looks. This piece can be worn with pants, shorts and even in different ways, with a few buttons open.

Basic dress

dress dress

Have a basic dress in the closet and important, because wearing the dress and putting some accessories turns the look and leaves it stylish.

I hope you enjoyed the post, until the next one.