As you probably have noticed in my "Hi, I have anxiety" collection, I had a really bad social anxiety. Some time ago I finally realised that it got worse and worse each day that passed. I wanted to do something that sounded almost impossible, and that was to get rid of it...for good.
I knew that starting to a new school would`t help if didn't make it better. So, I took small steps to get healthier and be comfortable at the same time. Having this anxiety had become a part of me, not only for the worst but it also made me think of my fears that I should one day overcome.
Something that helped me a lot in the progress was youtube. Many youtubers have had mental issues and slowly making it through. I find peace in watching Zoellas vlogs, where I notice her anxiety decrease each day.
This is where you can find her vlog channel:

Another thing that helped me a lot, is finding a hobby you love with great passion. I, personally love acting and singing on stage in front of MANY PEOPLE (yeah, I know ironic considering the state of my social anxiety). I think I found it therapeutic to be on stage as someone else and learn about different personality traits people have through the characters. So, finding a true passion for me helped me be comfortable in the progress and overcome fears I had.
Most of all, talking to people is the most important thing to feel accepted and be in a safe environment. Talking about feelings and thought helps us all to reconsider our choices and get a hold of what we really feel.

If you need to get calm: