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It is really important for you and for your body to feel comfortable with the clothes you are wearing while exercising. Check out these ideas and choose the one you think is the best option for your body:

1.For your head:

  • It is always a good idea to wear a headband so all the sweat and all of the hair don`t go straight down to your face.
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  • If you like doing exercise outdoors, do not forget to wear a cap.

2. For your arms and chest:

  • To wear a top is a good choice if you sweat a lot.
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  • If you don´t feel comfortable with a top, you can put on a thin shirt. Here are some ideas:
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  • Sports Bras are always convenient for exercising.
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3. For your legs:

  • You can wear sport leggings or pants for exercises like yoga, pilates or stretching. This outfit is also a good idea for running.
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  • Shorts and are always the best option for cardio.
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For your feet:

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  • DO NOT forget your sport sneakers. It is not a good idea to exercise wearing a pair of shoes that aren´t for working out. You may hurt your feet and even your legs if you don´t have a pair of these ones.

You can choose to wear the clothes you like the most and combine them to create the perfect outfit. You must, at least, try one of each option so you can choose correctly.