I will probably get a lot of hate to have say that but...
For me, the militaries are not heroes.
They are people who think they do the right thing.
But they are wrong.
I don't blame them.
I blame violence and US the society.

Do you need to defend yourself against your sister.

That exactly the same thing for our neighbours.
We are all brothers and sisters.
We don't need to defend our countries.
We are all in the same familly.

When US, society will understand this...
Maybe war will be over or maybe it will be too late.

We will have money and some humans left in bunkers.
But the water, the air and everyting will be contaminaned by theirs atomic bombs.

So wakeup and make it stop.
We need peace, love and solidarity.


What if we stop teaching young boys to play war.
War is not a game.
It kill HUMANS.
These humans have familly and friends who love them.

Oh and what if everyone realise this:
If you think that animal aren't civilized look at humans before you speak.
They kill theirs brothers.
For what?
For money, petrol, religions or to protect theirs countries.

What if we say LOUDLY but PEACEFULLY what do we think about WAR and VIOLENCE.

Just spread this if you think like me.
Maybe we won't be one million but we are here and we stand out for peace.
Maybe one day we can do a difference.