for everyday. (or the days you're feelin' down)

1) moisturize your skin. a little goes a long way.
2) stay hydrated- it not only clears skin and improves hair growth, but it helps your health and boosts your mood.
3) avoid caffeine. i, too, am a true coffee lover, but it's seriously bad for you! order decaf or avoid coffee/tea all together. (sorry bbies)
4) i am a firm believer that exercise is not a topic where something applies to all. not everybody's body can handle sixty minutes (an hour) of exercise a day, and that's perfectly okay. don't let anyone tell you how to work your own body. you do you!
5) music is a stress reliever. do not forget this! if you work better with music, good for you. take advantage of it. it is not a distraction!
6) need help focusing? classical music helps a lot! you don't have to listen to boring songs that you don't know, search up classical covers of your favorite songs.
7) hobbies are important. even if you don't do yours everyday, have one. make it something that you like! my hobbies are drawing, writing, makeup, and reading.

i love you all so much!! my messages are always open. stay bad <3