Chaper 1-The Man

Monday, 16th November.
My story begins with a sky about to cry. It's a cloudy day. People are going to work in their cars and public transports and I'm walking trough the sidewalk trying to arrive to the cafe before it starts to rain.I turn right and there it is, TINO's cafe, with the two managers serving people their coffees before going to work. I'm about to cross the street, when some kids run into my direction and make me lose my balance and I crash with a man. I have to say, he was a peculiar man. He was an old man(about 60 years old) withGrey hair,a big grey mustache,was wearing a black suit and he was holding an umbrella. I saw I let his hat fall on the ground and when I give him his hat he started to stare at me.Those green and big eyes were really hypnotic and something scary, it was like he had not a soul. After we stare to each other for about 20 seconds without saying a word, I finally apologize to the man. What he did next I was not , at all, expecting.We raised his black umbrella and hit me with it in my head. And don't know why but I didn't get mad or asked for a explanation,I just stare at him like" what the heck?" Because he couldn't stop staring I just turned around and walk to the coffee.
I entered and sit at my spot(the spot near the window) and order the habitual: a cup of coffee and a donut. I' m a reporter so I was writing my article about the new elections when it started to rain. I ordered another coffee and then there was a lightning strike. It scared so much so I split my coffee and had to order another one. While I was trying to clean the table, a man enters the cafe(very dramatically), we hear a thunder and then we face of the man is revealed. He was the umbrella man and he was coming into my direction.
End of chapter 1