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In this article I want to show to you the city that I have visited and that will remain in my heart.
Remember that travel is the best way to live.

I live near Venice, so first of all:

✈ Venice, Italy

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I personally consider Venice one of the most beautiful place in the world. So if you have the possibily it's really worth♥


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I went in Florence two years ago with school, I'm in love with this city.


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Dresden is magic. I went there this summer with my family. Dresden can be consider the Florence of the North.


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The best city I have ever visited. Berlin is Berlin.

Read my article about Berlin, the girl in the photo it's I.


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I don't have anything to say. London is my second home.


✈Cadaqués, Spain
This are my photos.

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If you want to go there go to Salvador Dalí House

More city that I visited and that I love are Barcelona, Madrid,Krakow and Nuremberg and more.

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