Is your birthday in autumn and you have no idea what to do? Below I've listed some really great ideas for anyone trying to avoid the basic dinner during the more chilly months. Because my birthday is in winter, I struggle every single year to think of something my friends and I can do while its -30 celcius and snowing outside. I thought why not do an article for every season to help others, including myself, out!


Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons so why not plan a picnic in a scenic area like the park. And just because it is a little colder doesn't mean you can't make it work! Just dress very warmly, bring lots of blankets and hot drinks. You can even have some simple decorations to make it more festive. Helium filled balloons with your age or initals could be tied to the picnic basket. Decorate the area with those cheap battery operated lights. Drink champagne & take polaroids. Best part about it all? No bugs.

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I went to a pumpkin patch for the first time last year because I didn't realize even my country had them! It was so much fun and got me thinking how unique it would be to gather a group of friends for your birthday and go down to your closest pumpkin patch. Everyone gets to pick pumpkins for halloween, the experience makes you feel so cozy and autumnal. Afterwards you can drive home, make drinks, and carve them for Halloween or bake pumpkin pie! Good music, champagne & pumpkins. Sounds pretty great to me. Plus, I can imagine alot of people never having done that before!

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I hear of people born in october having halloween parties for their birthdays. This is a really good idea but pretty common. If you aren't in the mood for a party, or aren't even born near halloween, then a halloween dinner could be for you. A friend of mine born in september hosted a "pre-halloween" dinner with all our friends and it was amazing! She had it at the end of september, and it really got you excited for october. And who doesn't love to dress up more than once and attend more than one halloween event? The dinner can be autumn or halloween themed... its up to you!

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You could book a hotel room in the city. This is something that can be done all year round, but would probably be scenically most beautiful during autumn. Get any kind of room that can fit your friends, with a balcony and good views of autumn in the city. Spend a cozy night in at the hotel spa, or go strolling around in the city for drinks. The options are endless with this one.

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Now this is a birthday you would never forget! Go with a small group of friends on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy some breathtaking autumn views. You can even go for drinks before or after the ride to add more fun to the day. I've actually done this and I highly recommend it!

autumn balloons

Hopefully these ideas gave you guys a lot of good inspiration to work with. I’ll be writing another post like this soon but on winter birthdays! ❄️