Hearters, sorry for two articles at one day again.. I won't be home tomorrow, so I don't have the possibility to post an article. I'm so sorry! I hope you do not mind.. Anyways, #WhiChallenge of today is about accomplishments. I thought it was hard for me to write this article, but I did it :) Let's get started!

1 - School

school aesthetic

I'm really grateful that I've gotten the opportunity to go to school and I'm proud of myself that I'm doing bilingual education. So far, it all goes well, but it does get harder every year (which is obvious hehe).

2 - Horseback riding

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I have been practicing horseback riding since I was seven. I've always ridden at a pity stable, but then I went to a different stable, where I could develop my skills way more. I ride there for almost two years now, and I'm quite proud of myself what I have acomplished so far. I came a little closer to my dreams, but of course I'm far from there yet. I work hard for it, and hope that I can make my dreams come true :)

3 - Loving myself

heart girl

As you may have know already, I got bullied and definitely had my lowest point at that time. I'm glad that I'm myself again and that I almost fully love myself.

Yeah, I know. I only described three accomplishments, but I have not really achieved anything that I am really proud of. I hope you liked this article, and that you don't mind about skipping two achievements. Thanks for reading again XX