part one:cleaning here:

part two:decorating

the first thing you're going to want to do for this step is plan, plan out how you want your room to look, keep in mind how much time and money it will take! do you have any money you can spend on decorating/painting/furniture? are you able to rearrange furniture?

make sure you have a functional setup that works for you, if you use your room for studying/homework make your desk a place you love to keep yourself motivated to work.

colours are incredibly important! choose a colour scheme and stick to it! you may want to use stuff you already have to create this, ex. my walls are blue, my desk chair is light green and white, my duvet cover is white with green and yellow and a little bit of pink, so my colour scheme is green/blue/yellow. white furniture and light walls take up the least amount of visual space.

make a map of your room, draw it out or use this floor planner website if you wanna be fancy: .

  • put fairy lights anywhere, they're popular for a reason.
  • house plants
  • print out photos and put them up, you can also buy art prints, or draw something yourself!
  • buy a new duvet cover! ikea has ones for twin duvets for about 30 dollars, it's where the strandkrypa duvet cover (the one with the plants on it that everyone has) is from.
  • paint!
  • rearrange furniture

i'll probably make another decorating artice cuz i'm running out of space!

inspo for my own room check it out if you want!