A/N: Before I start, I want to apologise for not writing for months, I'm really sorry about that, but I had to figure things out before being reckless and ranting about things that might not even be true. I also plan on making this chapter longer than the last one to make up for my absence. I'm also sorry for any misspelling, I am slightly hungover with a major headache.

So here I present to you;

Dear World (3),

So, I'm just going, to sum up, whats been going on. After that hectic day, I stopped talking to Captian Crunch and I've been trying to avoid him at all cost which actually seems to be working. Blondie and I worked things out, but I'm still upset with her a bit. She claims, "I didn't say that! I swear Sara! I wouldn't do that!"

I hope you know almost every person who has said something about someone has always said I didn't say that! or something like this, I swear! I wouldn't do that to you! You're my best friend. But enough with ranting about the past, I'm going to start to explain the party that happened yesterday, which will now explain why I said I'm slightly hungover.

So if you've seen my recent photos;

fashion party girls fun
These are some the pictures I have from the party 🎉🎊.

Before we go on, I just have to say that my outfit was completely on point!!!!!! All thanks to my big sis Selena who just happens to be studying fashion in college. Anywho, on with the story;

I got invited to the party from this soccer player named Gio. Gio and I have always been friends since preschool, we didn't talk that much in middle school, but recently we've been reconnecting.

It was the eighth period, and I just left class to go to the bathroom. So we have this thing when we go to the bathroom, we have to sign out name down in one of the slots, write what class number your from, and what time it is. Its a bit of a drag, but whateves.

As I was writing down my name, I heard someone call my name. So I finished writing everything down before looking up to see who called me. I saw Gio smiling as he stood in front of me. "Hey, SaraBelle, how are you doing?" He asked using my nickname he gave to me when we were little.

"I gotta go pee really bad so give me a sec then we can talk." I rushed out before dashing into the bathroom. Let me tell you, at the time I had been dying to go to the bathroom, and since my teachers are all d*ckwads and didn't let me go, by the time one of my teachers let me go to the bathroom, I was ready to pee my pants 😂.

After I went to the bathroom and everything, I just happened to walk out of the bathroom the same time Gio did. It was kinda funny. We signed out and began walking down the hall together. "What I was trying to say to you earlier, was that I'm having a party today to celebrate the soccer team's win. I was wondering if you wanted to come along. You can bring Selena, I haven't seen your family in ages." Gio said starting the conversation.

At first, I was iffy about going to the party, mainly because the last time I went to a party, sh*t went down and I didn't want to relive that.

"Champ, I don't know." I've always called Gio, Champ mainly because he always wins awards and trophies. We both have nicknames for each other #bestfriendgoals 😂. Gio groaned placing his hands on his face "SaraBelle, Doll, you're my best friend since pre-k, we are two peas in a pod, you are the sun to my moon, you're the oxygen to my lungs, uhh, you're the chocolate to my smores, who would you be to not come with me to my party?"

Let me tell you something about Gio before I go on. He's extremely overdramatic and special in his own weird way, and his favourite food of all times is smores, and I felt extremely touched when he said that I was his chocolate to his smores. I also have a picture of Gio and me from my Instagram (check it out if you want);

"I'm your chocolate to your smores?" I asked with a smile as I tucked my phone in my back pocket jeans. Gio nodded with his bottom lip sticking out, "pwleaze will you come?" He asked in a baby voice, making me laugh. So as you can tell, I ended up going to the party.

~~~ The Party ~~~

Selena and I walked up to the door, and before either of us knocked, Gio opened the door with a smile. The smell of alcohol came out of the house as soon as he opened the door. I almost turned around and walked away, but Selena greeted Gio before dragging me into the party aka my death.

A/N: Sorry, but I'm stopping her bc my laptop is just about to die and I have no clue where the charger is. I gotta go find it. Wish me luck 😂