Take a bath

Buy bath bombs (or make it yourself), light candles and fill up a bathtub with warm water. Perfect when it´s cold outside.

bath bath

Decorate your room

Some ideas:

  • lights
  • pictures - polaroid pictures are really cute
  • plants/ flowers
  • candles - the ones who smell good
  • lots of pillows
  • framed quotes
  • mirrors - they make the room look bigger
  • books
  • leaves or fake leaves - so you can come in the fall mood
  • bed canopies
bed bed

Carving pumpkins

This is something you can do with your family or friends, that gets you in fall mood and is really fun! It´s also great decoration now that Halloween is right around the corner.

autumn autumn

Paint your nails in a dark color

It´s fall, and fall means dark colors. So what is better than painting your nails in a cool, dark color?

nails black

Read books

Reading books is good for your mind and soul, and there is something for every taste. This is so much better than sitting on your phone all day!
- I recommend milk and honey from Rupi Kaur.

book animal

Watch scary movies and eat popcorn

This is my absolute favorite thing to do in fall, even though I get sooo scared and paranoid from horror movies. It just gets me in the perfect mood for fall, and I love popcorn haha!

clown popcorn

Sit in front of a fireplace w/ hot chocolate

This is soo cozy, and perfect if you have been out in the cold weather. Put an armchair in front of the fireplace, light it up, and get comfy with blankets, the hot chocolate, and maybe some marshmallows at the top.

fireplace chocolate

hope this gave you some inspiration for what to do in fall, part 2 will be out soon :)

edit: part 2 is out now, go check it out!

black and white ℳ ℐ Ꭿ 15 things to do in fall -part 2

xoxo Mia