Hey, guys here is a new article about a perfect outfit for autumn. Don't stress yourself, if you see everybody around you is buying new clothes, trust me, you can do a lot of cute outfits with your clothes your already have.

Take a look in your closet. Aww see what we have here, your favorite t-shirt from summer. Probably you think, oh no I can't wear it in fall, its cold and I wear it a long time in summer. Let me tell you something, you can wear what ever you want to, so when it is your favorite t-shirt, wear it!
You can wear it with a blouse, a scarf and a coat.

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You love dresses and skirts? Okay nothing easier than that.

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Now I have a couple of basic things. Long sleeves, over knee sockets, boots, ... there are a lot of things you can wear and look so cute to combined.

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The last thing, and the most important one is...be yourself, always. You will never look better in your cloths than if your happy, because than your whole body smiles. It isn't important what you were, if its expansive or not, if its style or not, if its the hoddie you always wear in fall. The only thing that really matters is, if you feel good in it, if you feel comfortable, if you feel good. All the others things aren't the things you should worry about. The only thing you should worry about is, if you are happy.

Hopefully I could help you.

xoxo Cynthia