1- The mutual one : It can be painful after a while and people tend to get back together which does not end well in most cases. This mutual breakup happens when partners fall out of love or come to a realization that they are not compatible.
After the breakup, they genuinely still care for one another.

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you genuinely still care for one another

2- The ghost : The other person disappears and you never get closure which makes it hard for you to move on.

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What if there is still a chance...?

3- The bipolar : Most unstable abusive relationships end like this and both parties claim it's "the best decision of my life" (~ 70% of online breakup stories).

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They go from this
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to this real quick

4) The out the window : You find your belongings laying outside in the front yard or in the street. Both of you never get to see each other again but even when you do, you act like strangers.

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If you're lucky, all you get is your damaged belongings

5) The excuse : The person insists "it's not you, it's me" trying to get you to breakup with them. This is usually when they are done using you so they can jump into a new relationship right after the breakup.

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This makes you question if anything was ever real and loneliness starts to kick in.