Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first article! I've been on WeHeartIt for almost a decade now, so it's nice to see a change on this website.

Without further ado, let's get into my top fashion must-haves for fall 2017!

Sweater with an Edge

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It's no secret that sweaters are a staple for the colder months, but that doesn't mean that they can't be upgraded. For this fall, it's all about sweaters with an interesting design. There's so many looks to choose from, such as lace-up and off-the-shoulder. Who said jeans and a sweater had to be boring?

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Want to edge up your sweaters on the cheap? Wear a body harness or a lacy barlette underneath for an affordable, edgy look!

Loose Jeans

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Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans... Whatever you want to call them, they are huge this season. I used to wear only skinny jeans, but once I got a pair from Goodwill, I was hooked! They're not only so comfortable, but look effortless and cool as well.

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To avoid looking sloppy, try tucking in your top and/or putting on a belt! This has definitely been "my look" lately.

Long Cardigans

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I really like long cardigans because where I live, it's still too hot to rock a coat. I can throw on a lightweight one and look chic without dying of heatstroke! However, these can still work in colder areas if you opt for a thicker material. Cute and comfy!

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Adding a watch with a cardigan is always a good look.

Black Boots

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Last, but certainly not least, are my guilty pleasure. My obsession with black boots is real, but for good reason. They are a timeless staple that everyone should have at least one pair of. Whether they're heeled, ankle, over-the-knee, whatever, they go with everything. Happy stomping!

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Wet weather and boots can be a disaster. Look for a pair with treads on the bottom to avoid a slip in the rain.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. For more fashion inspo, you can check out my Aesthetics- Fashion collection below!

Have a happy fall!