you're just as bad as me
but not because you drink too much or you're prone to fits of rage.
you're not obsessive like this hollow cheeked sinner, this dark eyed loser who paints red x's on unknown chests while stuffing the dirty brush in dripping crimson pockets.
you're so wise yet you've stooped to the lowest of the foolish depths.
you're not like this two faced child who clings to sadness as their only constant.
you're not worth more than the collection of disloyal forevers this broken hands and blue veined demon has stored in the spaces between their ribs.
you have the same unmistakably rancid judgement as this unsteady capsule of forsaken emotions and yet you're nothing like this black teared mongrel playing at purebred.
you don't give yourself in mind, body and spirit to countdown addictions and still you're just as bad as me...
because your divine eyes watch this bloody, sullen, bitter being made up of leftover pieces of people they've pretended to be...
and you still love them.