Hello fellow hearters!

It's officially the time of the year were most of us just want to cuddle up in blankets, light up a bunch of candles and look at the leaves changing colors. Now although that already is pretty darn cozy, everything is better with music right? So I'm gonna list down below some of my favourite tunes to listen to in autumn. Hopefully you'll enjoy these songs as well and you'll have a wonderful October!

album coldplay 80s music
  • Bon Iver Holocene
  • Bon Iver Blood bank
  • Bon Iver Re stacks
  • Coldplay Gravity
  • Coldplay Sparks
  • Coldplay We never change
  • Aidan Hawkin The argument
  • The Smiths Asleep
  • Alex Kozobolis I promise
  • Jose Gonzales Heartbeats
  • Gorillaz Melancholy hill acoustic version
  • Arctic Mokeys Only ones who know
  • Rod Ladgrove Home is just a state of mind
girl autumn