Hi ღ today i want to write an article where i show you different makeup who you can be inspired for realize it on your own.
So I hope you're gonna enjoy it!

fall, makeup, and autumn image

The first look

art, color, and eyes image

This is something simple, you just need a red-orange eyeshadow and an eyeshadow like something iridescence pink. If you like it you can draw a line with an eyeliner and mascara and you have a beautiful look.

The second look

makeup, beauty, and eyes image

Here you can use a dark red eyeshadow and a little bit of highliter in the hollow of your eye.

The third look

makeup, beauty, and make up image

This look is a little more difficult than others but i really wanted to show you this one because this is my favorite. This is a big makeup but for a night party with friends or a date this is so beautiful and elegant.


Here this is a link of eyeshadow palettes with a beautiful colors, good quality and not expensive.

So, I hope you liked it ღ.