Hey guys, I'm Brazilian and there is some places I'd like to go. So I decided to write about it.

1- California
I think it's a place so beautiful and so cool. All that beaches, happy people,Hollywood, streets with lots of trees. A real California dream.

beach beach beach california

2- New York
I guess New York is the kind of place of everyone want to go. There is a lot of turist places, the night with all that light, many stores, Broadway. Everything seems to be perfect.

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3- London
Elegance and constructions attract to me. I would like to go to London eye, Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace.

city Superthumb

4- Madrid
I'd like to visit some museums, walk in Gran Via, go to the Real Madrid Stadium,royal palace of Madrid and Ibiza.

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5- Italy
I would like to go to Milan, fashion capital, Roma, Venice and see all nature beauty.

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Obviously there are other places I want to visit, but those are the main ones. I hope you liked it, xoxo.

(My English is not the best, so I'm sorry for the mistakes)