first i am going to start with t shirts and the brands.

Thrasher has a cool t shirts in my opinion for everyone (boys and girls)

Superthumb Superthumb girl fashion

also - Supreme, champion, vans, tommy

aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

also a bands t shirts are my fav! these looks so cool & vintage and you can get them any where.

black black

you can always add denim jackts & leather jacket even Buttoned up shirt

fashion 90s blue fashion black 90s

also hoodies because they're so comfortable and cool!

champion jeans aesthetic aesthetic

and now with the jeans!!

Superthumb boy
aesthetic fashion
(i really recommend you Fishnet Tights with jeans!! it looks very fashion and cool.)
black black
(black jeans also my favs if you like to wear these.)

shorts / skirts look great!!

Superthumb girl aesthetic aesthetic

also belts can really make your look more vintage

aesthetic girl

sweatpants also are the best!! socomfortable!

adidas Superthumb Superthumb champion

and now, my favorite part - shoes!!!! yay!
nike, vans, dr martens, yeezys,converse

aesthetic dark black fashion

also couple of bags that i really like
kanken, vans, supreme

aesthetic supreme Superthumb Superthumb

hats can be cool too -

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb black

so thats it guys! hope u like this! dont forget to follow me and my streetwear collection!