Hi sweeties,

First of all, I'm sorry that I post two articles on one day, but this has a reason. I'm having an exchange from school at the moment, which means I have a German student in my house. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post an article tomorrow, so that's why I post it today. Let's just get started with the 14th #WhiChallenge of @TypicalGirl48 in which I'll tell my five strengths :)


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I literally hate liars. That’s why I try not to lie. Never. Of course I do so as well, but I really pay attention at myself when it comes to saying the truth.

Allow help to improve skills

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I want to become good in pretty much everything I do. I cannot do this all on my own, and therefore really appreciate help to improve my skills. I’m really grateful for that <3


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Both of my parents work a lot, also in the past. This means that I was alone quite often, and I had to arrange a lot of things by myself, which surely got my independent.


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I’m quite patient. You definitely need this for horseback riding, since horses cannot learn everything just by practicing it a single time. Patience is handy to have for practically everything!

Willingness to learn

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I really appreciate it that I can learn and explore the world, since there are so many people who don’t have this ability. This makes me really motivated to learn :)

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Lots of love, Lindy.