Hey everybody~
-So- I'm really into travelling and learning new cultures and languages and I am sure most of you are too!~
therefore today I will share with you some interesting facts about Poland!" (hehe pretty random eh,,,)

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  • Officially the republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), it is a sovereign country in central Europe
  • It's divided into 16 administrative subdivisions
  • The 6th most populous member of the European Union
  • The 9th largest country in Europe
  • Capital and largest city is Warsaw
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  • Poland boasts 17 Nobel Prize Winners
  • Polish constitution was 1st in Europe, 2nd in the world
  • When foreign movies are dubbed for polish TV, one man reads all the parts, even those of women and children, viewers hear the original English soundtrack in the background
  • Max Factor was founded by a pole; Maksymilian Faktorowicz
  • Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters
  • Poland's National symbol is the White eagle
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I hope you've enjoyed and learned something new and interesting"

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