I always listen to Music because it is my favourite Thing on earth. Do you agree with me? Well, if you do this article would be perfect for you.
Every song you are in love with has got aspecial place in your heart, because we have got a Special ,, realionship" with them and make us always melt when we are listen to them.
Songs make us inspire, help us to stand up again when we felt bad, they also calm us down when we get mad sometimes and finally make us believe that we can do what ever we want.
Every song has got that one spot which is catching us always when we listen to it.
Well I just write down some catching parts of Songs which make my heart always explore and melt ;)

  • Girls like you by Blackbear
- Give me forever for a while
  • All I want by Kodaline
-When you said your last goodbye I died a Little bit inside
  • Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez
-So what if i am crazy? - The best People are!
Lyrics and mad hatter image
" all the best People are crazy"
  • Cancer covered by twenty one pilots ( original by my chmemical romance)
- Turn away, cause I am awful just to see
- and barry me in all my favourite coloures
- I am counting down the days to go
blue eyes, cancer, and top image
"I will not kis you, cause the hardest part of this is leaving you"
  • Talk me down by Troye Sivan
- I wanna sleep next to you , but that`s all I wanna do right now
  • Wait by M83
- set your dreams where nobody hides
  • Space bound by Eminem
- Cause I`m a space bound rocke ship an your heart`s the moon. And I`m aiming right at you

So guys , those are some lyrics which have got a meaning to me and which i am oppsest with. Well, there are much more song lyrics which I am in love with. So let me know you know, if you want a second part of this article with more song lyrices.
Hope you like this Little article I write :))