Where are we now? Senior? Prom? College? Doesn’t matter! You know you were/still is the worst thing that ever happened to me, right? You made me feel like crap so many times I can’t even count anymore. You made me afraid of being who I truly am just by being you. You have no idea of how hard it is to deal with all those feelings you made me feel while you were treating me like an alien. You also have no idea of how much I wanted to kick your ass out till you go to the hospital in a coma for at least four years (yeah! I really never wanted you to die because I want you to see how I survived all that shit and also because I’m not a bad person - you are). I’m writing this now and all those feelings come again and they make me so angry and confused and sad and lonely and like I could die. But I didn’t before and I won’t now. I’ve survived so much! I’m still alive and still fighting to erase all the scars you left in my soul. I survived high school. I survived you.

I got so angry that I forgot that Daughter was playing here and guess what, Medicine started playing now which remembers me why I started writing this. The point is


I forgive you for everything you’ve done with me. For all the jokes, all the mean words, all the roll-eyes about my clothes or about the things I spoke. I forgive you because I know it must had been much worst for you to be the one who always had to hide your own problems and feelings behind the mask you wore to pretend to be pretty secure and indestructible. You’re broken. You have always been and now that I know this I just want to say that everything you’ve put me through just made me stronger and it doesn’t mean that I’m unbreakable cause nobody is. It only means that I know how to not let myself be hurt by someone like you again - or someone else. I don’t want to hurt you or anyone by revenge. I just want to say that feeling safe about who I am and feeling strong enough to protect myself from mean people like you is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced and I would never know that if I had given up the fight against your attitudes.


By pushing me down you taught me how to grow my wings and now I’m above you because I don’t hate myself anymore but most important I stopped hating you which I’m not sure if you will ever be able to do.

I truly hope you’ve become a good soul.

Be safe.


p.s. Dear person who are still in high school or who are struggling with bullying in some way, I hope you never give up because I’m waiting for you in this side and I want so bad to talk with you about everything you’ve survived.

Dear person who have been bullied for so long, welcome to this side. I hope you can relate to this letter. You rock!