Hello beautiful people!

I've been recently really concerned about the up growing number of girls-bullying-girls situations and thats why i thought i could use we♡it(because its used mostly by girls) to share with you some of the things going through my head.

1. Girls should stand together, NOT against one another. We are all females going through the same changes in our bodies and the same changes in our emotional conditions. Thats why a girl should NEVER make another girl feel ugly, fat or unloved. We have to understand and support each other.

2. Every shape of body is beautiful. Its sounds a bit cliché, but it is true and you sould never forget that. Damn girl, be confident with your curves, your hips, legs stomach, everything. You don't have to look like the girls you see in magazines to feel pretty, i remember i've read somewhere something like "Don't try to look like the girl on the magazine cover because the girl on the magazine cover doesn't even look like the girl on the magazine cover" (confusing, i know). BUT YASS! You don't have big boobs? You don't have a big butt? You have acne? You have stretch marks? Let me tell you something. YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE and don't let anyone tell you different. Like seriously, there isn't a person without any flaws.

3. Every teenager out there is going through puberty and this is totally normal. Don't starve yourself to death just because a stupid boy told you you are fat or you saw that you don't fit in the weight nomrs written by some dumb person out there making a stereotype about the perfect height and weight. NOPE. NO. Every girl is different and guess what? THATS ABSOLUTELY FINE TOO. You need food during this period of life to get a healthy body and develop your organs. Believe me, its totally not worth it to have healt problems 10 years from now just because you tried to look like a stick when you were younger.

4. It is absolutely okay to have your own style and our own look. Also it is absolitely okay to see a girl, like her clothes, ask her where she bought them from and then go and get the same shirt or skirt or jeans. Make each other compliments about the way you look, there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, one simple compliment can make a girls day a hundred times better and can make her more confident about herself. This is important.

5. I know there are girls feeling somehow more powerful than others, which is absolutely stupid, and they're bullying and insulting other girls. I used to be bullied too, 5 years ago and i know what it is like. For those girls going through the same thing right now, i want to give you an advice. Never , ever at any circumstances let anyone make you feel unworthy. You are more powerful than you think, i can guarantee you. And you will go through this with your head up, holding your crown like the queen you are. Trust me, years from now you will laugh at the past and you will feel stronger and more beautiful than ever.