-If you're like me you probably love reading since you learned how to, but there's also some people who want to but they just seem to never enjoy it.
Well, there's a few tips that could help you to start loving books:

1. Find the right book for the right moment:

Sometimes you find a book and you think that it could be intresting, or someone tells you the amazing that a book is for them, but then you start reading it and you just get bored or desintrested. That's probably because that's not the perfect book for that moment in your life. Sometimes I buy a book I been waiting years to get and when I finally start reading it I don't like it that much or I can't concentrate, but a few years later I take the same book and I can't stop reading.
YOU have to choose your own book and if you don't like it DON'T STOP LOOKING. You'll find the perfect book for that time in your life.

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I hope it helps!
Posting more soon...