Im a normal teenage girl, in my final year in highschool and as expected, i will go to an university and hopefully i will manage to deal with my life alone(finally).

Thinking about finally moving out has always made me really excited and a bit nervous, you see, im an only child in my family and i have always been the the most important thing for my parents, my mom is always by my side, my dad helps me and supports me. Not that they will stop supporting me when i move out, but the thought of leaving the people I've always been with and being on my own makes me realize that i have no other choice than growing up and letting the woman in me replace the child thats still running aroud playing with toys(uhh no, im kinda a bookworm and probably you will find me covered with books instead, but you get my idea😂). Sooo, the other important thing is im not ..only moving in another going in another country...uh and actually another continent, so it wont be wrong if i say im going to the end of the world😂all.alone.

(Well, not exactly alone because my uncle and aunt live there and if i need something i know i can always count on them.)

Anyway, i think it is a really big step and im pretty excited about what awaits me. All the new people im going to meet, if I am going to find friends, (and maybe love?) will i be happy or will i get depressed missing home(to be honest, i think i won't because i have changed to many living places and i travel a lot so im not really attached to any of them), will i be strong and bold enough to go through whatever life throws at me, and most importantly, will i get used to the life and people there? All i know is that i feel ready and confident that i will be able to be on my own (except i can't really cook and i uh have to learn how to use the washing machine 😂). I am positive about the future and that the best things in life are yet to come. For anyone, any teenager, especially those going throuh hard times, i believe that the real life begins outside the highschool walls, so hold on guys , you never know what the future holds for you❤!