This is my tips on how to make a flatlay photo. Hope this will be helpful :))

Step 1: Choose a central object that you want to highlight.
Step 2: Pick up things that have the same color tones.
Step 3: Choose a flat thing to furnish them, it can be a wooden table, a white fabric, a blanket or even big sized paper.
Step 4: Put the central object on the middle of the flat, then put the things which have the some color tone besides.

aesthetic, white, and Vietnam image

That is!!!

Note: you must be careful with the step 2, dont pick too many or a few things cuz it'll make your photo become too messy or simple.

aesthetic, photography, and autumn image

I also suggest that you should use some apps to improve the color, exposure of the photo such as Snapseed of VSCO.

aesthetic, minimalist, and white image

My tips on VSCO edit on flatlay photos are: High exposure, shadow shave at about 0.5-1.0 and saturation is always at -0.5 to -1.0

After all, these tips are not new but I think it'll be helpful for new photographers especially the amateur one.

Thanks for reading <3

Love from Scarlet