I doubt anyone cares enough to read this, it wont be interesting, edited or grammatically correct (presumably) but it is currently 2 am here in England and I cannot get to sleep to save my life so here we go.

I'm more productive at night? I have no energy except this frantic rush for nothing in particular. It isn't a good kind of energy. I find no joy from it. Its the kind of energy that makes people run headfirst into the kind of danger called "mortal" for a good reason

I also feel very unreal at night. This isn't surprising as i dissociate anyway and that gets worse with sleep deprivation but i also think its something surreal about the idea that you are alone in your consciousness. Your surroundings are sleeping and you are so so awake and that feels so insane

Anyway i should stop rambling here because i could type all night and i should at least type something productive so I'm gonna go do homework that is due in next week so bye