I’m a street artist who sketch the stories of people that take a second to stopped by. Some will take a quick glance and move on with their lives. Some stopped to get a sketch of themselves. I may not recall their names, but I will remember them by the memories they left imprinted in my mind. I may not be a street artist but I love sharing memorable times with people.

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Memories are intangible, it’s our perception of the moment. I can’t touch the pain someone’s doing through, I can’t kiss the bad feelings away from him, I can’t help someone who wouldn’t let me in. But memories always associate with an object, it’s the object bringing the memories to life. I guess therefore it’s hard to let go, because memories come in many shape and form:

-it could be my first love, a sweet, loving guy, who showed me happiness came in a shape of an 18-year-old boy.

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-the imaginable pain of a heartbreak, where every waking thoughts was of him telling me “you deserve someone better than me”

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-it could be the unspoken thoughts that keep me hoping we still have a chance. Like when he said he still love me but a break-up was our only way out (it wasn’t for me). It’s what left unspoken, leaving people vulnerable to except reality (that it’s his reason to be out of our relationship.)

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-it could be the sunrise 2 years ago, the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen. The purple-pinkish twirls of clouds covering the rising sun, on the other side crescent moon shining through the dark sky. It was my fresh start where all the depressing thoughts, bad nights are finally over. I started to notice the insignificant things I’ve been missing like: the phases of the moon, the distant from the sun, leaves changing colors etc …
we expected to be there until it’s not – he’s not here anymore.

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Making Memories

Overtime I learn to engage in conversation with people, and leave something about me for them to remember me by. This is not a how-to-talk-to people guide, but these are my tips:

  • Have small talks – people often overlooked little conversations, if done right it will get the person interest and it could possibly lead into deeper conversations,
  • Discuss random topics – I have vast interests so I would bring it up during conversation, the key is to have a smooth transition to the new things. This could take the topics to the new level, people may question how we ended up here, but I get to know little (somewhat irrelevant, sometimes thoughtful information.)
  • Start conversation – don’t be afraid to start conversation, a talk to stranger could be lead to a friendship. Don’t wait for someone to notice you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – ask the burning questions, maybe embarrassing ones. It’s okay to be curious and it won’t be awkward afterwards.
  • Be you – it’s better to show what you are like before things get serious. I feel that it’s easier if people can’t respect what I am and it’s pointless. It’s uncomfortable to be who I’m not.
  • Have fun! Relax and enjoy the conversation, it should not be stressful but think of it as learning something new about the person.

Don’t be worrying too much about making something meaningful, it is often happened expectedly and spontaneously. Appreciate the moment. Why worry about if the people in your life right now will stay with you after 5 years. Celebrate your happiness. I don’t believe in bad memories, they have their purpose and those moments I’ve encountered made me who I am today. After some time, I no longer want to forget, instead I store those memories away to make room for new ones.

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