1. Eat Healthy.

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Eating in this manner helps you maintain your body’s everyday functions, promote optimal body weight and can assist in disease prevention. If you are not used to eating a healthy diet that promotes your well-being, making gradual changes can help you improve the way you eat in the long run.

2. Drink Water

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Drinking water (either plain or in the form of other fluids or foods) is essential to your health. When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated. http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/6-reasons-to-drink-water#1

3. Read & Learn

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Reading is fundamental to functioning in today's society. It is how we discover new things. Books, magazines and even the Internet are great learning tools which require the ability to read and understand what is read. A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they are interested in. We live in an age where we overflow with information, but reading is the main way to take advantage of it.

4. Wake up Early

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First and foremost, when you wake up early in the morning, you get a peace of mind. A second major benefit is increased productivity, because while the rest of the world is asleep, you’re up and you can get into whatever work you need to get done in the morning. The third benefit of waking up early is it gets you a great start for the day, because when you wake up early, you actually create more time to do something good, something positive in the morning. https://zenhabits.net/10-benefits-of-rising-early-and-how-to-do-it/

5. Go to Sleep Early

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The just-right amount for most of us is 6½ to 8 hours a night. Not getting enough doesn't just leave your eyes bleary, your brain fuzzy and your reaction time dull, it also makes you fat. Going to bed earlier does the opposite. https://www.bustle.com/articles/59708-12-reasons-life-gets-better-when-you-go-to-bed-early

6. Exercise

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Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. Creating a workout plan will help you to achieve greater consistency. A commitment to a regular workout regimen will increase your fitness level, improve your health and generate a greater sense of mental wellbeing.

7. Believe in Yourself

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The biggest difference I've noticed between successful people & unsuccessful people isn't intelligence or opportunity or resources. It's the belief that they can make their goals happen. We all deal with vulnerability, uncertainty, and failure. Some of us trust that if we move forward anyway, then we will figure it out. Nothing will work if you don’t believe in it. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/7-powerful-reasons-why-you-should-believe-yourself.html

8. Surround Yourself with Successful People

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To be successful, you must surround yourself with the right people. Your friends most of the time are a reflection of you so if you treat people well, are kind, funny, are interested in doing good or achieving goals, then I’m pretty sure that they’re going to be like that too. So choose carefully who your friends are…

9. Make Detail Plans for your Goals

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In life, everyone strives to be successful. Success has different meanings for everyone, but Merriam Webster defines it as, “The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame,” or, “a desired outcome." Many people work for most of their lives to be successful in whatever they are doing. Though, in the last few years, the term “goal digger” has been a popular term thrown around by millennials. I define a goal digger as someone who knows what they want and is willing to put the time and work into achieving it.

10. Manage your Emotions

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Emotions are not consciously controlled. This explains why an emotional response is often quite straightforward, but very powerful: you want to cry, or run away, or shout. It’s because these responses are based around the need to survive. Emotions are strongly linked to memory and experience. If something bad has previously happened to you, your emotional response to the same stimulus is likely to be strong. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-control-your-emotions-effectively.html

11. Alone Time

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Being alone allows you to drop your “social guard”, thus giving you the freedom to be introspective, to think for yourself. You may be able to make better choices and decisions about who you are and what you want without outside influence. Often, we are swayed by the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of those in our immediate sphere.

12. Cut out Negativity

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Being able to cut out the negativity gives you the opportunity to focus on what is really important, like noticing the good things in people or if you have a problem you can be positive & then you’ll try to solve it instead of just complaining about it. Also you’ll waste less time & energy, that’s going to give you a clear mind & you’ll see clearly. But the most important thing is that you’ll start to have fun.

13. Connect with the World

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Connecting with the world gives you time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things. It also gives a lot of time to introspect and understand on how certain things are done around the world. You sort of get a benchmark on life. Inspiration to live better, or perhaps, happy to be living a better life and giving back to those that doesn’t have the same opportunities. https://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2014/07/16-simple-ways-to-feel-connected-to-the-world-around-you-2/

14. Be Organized

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Organization is the key to life. It’s really important because you can manage your time in a better way; you can make detail plans & know exactly what you want & how you want it. Being organized also helps you to set goals & simply just to have an easier life.


15. Know Yourself

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Self-discovery means finding your purpose in life, it means digging deep into your childhood & revealing the experiences that shaped you... good & bad. It means realizing what your beliefs are & living by them. The effects of self-discovery include happiness, fulfillment, clarity & maybe even enlightenment. Knowing yourself is really important because it will help you to find the answers that you’re searching for.

16. Live for the Moment

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The present moment is the only moment in your life that you actually have. Living in the present gradually liberates us from all unnecessary burdens and allows us to live in the most efficient, yet peaceful way. We should start enjoying our family, friends our school or job, etc.