Hey there! ♡
Okay, so this is actually my first post on here and I totally felt like sharing with you guys some of my current favourites songs (which I think are quite underrated, to be honest).
Also, I'll write down some of the lyrics next to the titles just so you can have kind of a sneek peek before actually listening to the song.
Here we go!

♡1. Siren; by Tanerelle
'' Because I've heard I can be a bad girl, but in the best way. One night with me and you won't be sleeping for days''

♡2. I told you I was mean; by Elle King
''I lied to you, I never cried for you; swear that I tried to, but I have better things to do''

♡3. Wake up; by EDEN
''Stay, you're not gonna leave me. This place is right where you need to be. And why your words gotta mean so much to them, and they mean nothing to me''

♡4. Sorry; by Sody
''I'm sorry that you love me, I'm sorry I don't have the time. I'm sorry that you need me, but you'll always be mine''
4.1 Wasted youth; by Sody
''If you can't see throught the screen the follow me and I'll show you hell''

♡5. My boy; by Billie Eilish
''My boy don't love me like he promised. He ain't a man, and sure as hell he ain't honest

♡6. Dirty dirty; by Charlotte Cardin
''And I will wash off all the dirty dirty thoughts I had about you''

♡7. This is what makes us girls; Lana del Rey
''This is what makes us girls, we all look for heaven but we put love first''
7.1 Hit and run; by Lana del Rey
''Take off your business suit, sitting in your lap for my interview''

And that's it by now, if you've listened to any of this songs, let me know, I'm always happy to talk to you guys! ♡

-Aliena ♡