Anticipation is coming. Everyone has other feelings. For me, Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons. I love the first foliage, that fall down. I love the typical colours: red, orange and a little bit brown. You get this cozy feeling. I love it, when it rains and you read a good book, with a warm sweater on, some hot chocolate. Vacation is also important. So you can do what you want. For example having a walk into the forest and enjoying the wheather. Everthing is better in Autumn. I feel better. But there are some thoughts that don't fly away like the foliage because of the wind. You see cute couples EVERYWHERE. They are going hand in hand together. And you wish you and your secret crush would have a walk into the forest instead of this cute couple. But you should smile more. ENJOY your life. You wil find the love that you expected. So if, you now see a cute couple, you should smile. Because someday, your crush will understand what you were for him/her. A beautiful girl, that he/she didn't even notice.
So, that were just some Autumn thoughts.

I hope you like it. XX angel_ique