Hi hearters! Today I'm gonna write an article with 20 facts about me, to getting know each other. If you have sorta kind of question, just write me!

Let's start!

  • Number One: I come from Italy!
italy, bologna, and city image
This is the city where I actually live, Bologna
  • Number Two: When I was a child from the age of five to the age of eleven, I used to live in Tirana, Albania
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  • Number Three: I haven't got a favourite colour, I change it every day. (P.s. now is red)
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  • Number Five: I wish I was born in the 20s
clothes lily james
(but I really hate the art of the epoch)
  • Number Six: the first book I have read is The Litlle Prince
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  • Number Seven: I always wanted to travel around the world, one of the countries I want to visit is Japan
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I've also a collection about it check it out on my profile. :)

  • Number Eight: Winter is my favourite season, but I am born in August.
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  • Number Night: I haven't got a favourite book, I love them all.
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  • Number Ten: The song I could listen to again, again and again, is Somewhere I belong by Linkin Park
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  • Number Eleven: My biggest dream is to become a writer
quote fitzgerald
  • Number Twelve: I really love Coverse I want to collect them!
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  • Number Thirteen: My favourite singer is Lana del Rey
lana black and white
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  • Number Fourteen: I want to learn languages like Gaelic, Greek, Russian and Japanese.
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  • Number Fifteen: My favourite bands are Linkin Park and Bastille
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And with this, I've finished my article.
Goodbye hearters!