One day, when there is no people around you, you will feel me. When you are alone , you will hear my voice 'I'm here!' But if you try to see me you can't...Because you didn't want me in your life, you forgot ?

I was always with you. Even when you didn't want me. You hurt me so much but I couldn't do anything. Because I love you. I even couldn't say to you "I want to break up" I didn't want to...Or I wanted to say it few times but I couldn't.

I want to say more things but I also know that you will be so fucking bored when you read this. This is why I'm sharing this with people. You have never listened to me. I said "I love you." you said "What a lovely day". I was so fucking bad one day, I said "I'm bad" you said "You are not the only person who has proplems." of course you would say that. Because you had never told me if you have problems. You had to tell me anything because we were together...I just want you to know that I loved you so much..