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- hii guys! below are just some useful fitness hacks! I hope these help.

go for a shorter workout where you push yourself more rather than a long workout where you don´t try the whole time.

- drink lots of water. more water helps your body burn more fat and will help you have a better performance while workout.

- make working out a routine. make a schedule what works best for you and stay committed to it. set goals and have inspiration.

- make your music playlist as long as your workout. this way you will know when you are done really your workout.

- eat an orange before work out. it will hydrate you and it will prevent your muscles from being sore.

- workout before you go to bed. doing this makes your muscles burn more calories as you sleep.

- eating food slowly will help you lose weight, enjoy your food, reduce stress and lead to better digestion.

hope this article helped!

qota: do you do any sports?

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