If i'm lucky

If i'm lucky, i meet you again. Not in my dreams but in real life.

If i'm lucky, things will work out. Better than it did before.

If i'm lucky, i forget you, because you where the one that hurts me the most.

Have you've been there, been in a messed up relationship? I was, and it was like hel and heaven at the same time. Why? Because there are always the good and the bad parts you know.
He let me feel i was his princess, but he also let me feel i was nothing on this world, only his plessure when he needed too,
I did hate my ex for it, that he was doing that to me. But in the end, i guess i did it myself to.

But who wass he to say that i didn't love him?
I loved him more than anything, even when thing where messed up. Even we made each other messed up, that was how i was. That was the way we lived with each other.

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But i guess the part i hate the most of this little story is, i still want a messed up relationship, i don't want happy story's. No i want a love story with a black side of it, all becasue i was in that kind of a relationschip before. Even when it was that messed i would have it all again if i have to.

So if i'm lucky,
I hope that kind of mind set change, i hope i'm lucky enough to be in a normal relationship and not in a messed up one.