Hi hearters ! I so much love this months, september, oktober, november... It` s like a hush before winter. I can see everything in the new colors, everything is changing into new side of life, falling leaves are dancing into crisp air and pointout to us, we are not death. Cozy and warm sweaters in many colors are around, everything pumpkins spice smell so beautiful. Now, you can read few reasons and tips, what is the best way to enjoy fall season and make it awesome :)

1. Fall things
Is there a person, that do not like one of these things? A cup of warm tea, cinnamon, scarves, coffee, pumpkins, a rainy day out with a good book into bed, blankets and good movies, apple pies..etc? Pick one out and make it the best from others or mix it with other idea. Fo example, bake an apple pie and give it to your best friend or bake it only for you and eat it alone, with good book and tea. This is something, what have a special magic only in fall season.

2. Improve yourself constantly and create the new opportunity
Ther´s so many reasons to star again. As school started, we have new opportunitiest make everything better, study, working on thesis, essays.. It´s cold outside, rainy days. This we can use for sitting at home. We do not care that is beautiful and warm outside.
Next, try to workout in nature. It´s better like workout in too warmy weather. Tip: try ride a bike

3. Get inspired
Weheartit, i love you. Here i can get inspirations every day, for everything. For autumn, for my life, for style, for food, working out... Try collect thing, try create new collection of something that inspired you, and of course...try writing for others :) Try to make autumn the best season of this year :)