Hey! I totally forgot about doing lucky number 15, since I thought I finished at 14! I'm an idiot, but all well. It has finally reached the end of the 15 Day Writing Challenge. Thank you to the people that actually read it and heart it. I appreciate yew!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article, and I'm sorry if you don't enjoy it.

Day 15 (Final Day): Make an Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer bucket list.

It is currently the start of Spring here in Australia, so I'll be doing a bucket list basing off Spring. (and I think it is rainy season according to how much rain we have received here in Australia - particularly Brisbane)

- Have a Summer/Spring Time Job (if you're old enough)

- Go on an Adventure (adventure time...come on grab your friends!)

- Movie Marathons (Prefer Netflix)

- Do something outside of your comfort zone

- Enjoy the blooming of nature

- Try meeting friends (meeting new people - same thing)

- Spend time outdoors (if you're not allergic to some things like bees and grass and stuff - and if you are, try to avoid those things and enjoy the outdoors!)

- Spend time with your friends and family (if you isolate yourself like me...)

- Visit the places you wanna visit (EUROPE! Still not old enough...dangit!)

- Study hard! (to those like me that still have an education to battle with)

- Make your dreams come true

- Live life while you're young

- Stick your head or hand outside the window when travelling in a car at night (if you wish to be a daredevil like me...not really rebel enough but it's ok)

- Accept your flaws and your insecurities because in reality, they make you beautiful

- And lastly, be positive. (Positivity rules!)

Central Park beach flowers beach

I have had a blast trying to write these articles for you guys and I am happy that some people enjoy them. I hope you enjoyed the article and to those that live in Australia or Brisbane for a fact, enjoy school! And also to those that have school, university, or even a job, hope you enjoy doing that!