What is happiness? And how can you find it?

I think happy people are those who enjoy those little and unique moments in life. Those who take time to appreciate the beauty of the people around them and of the things they see and do. Those who feel grateful for the people in their life's and all the things they have.

Also, for knowing what's happiness we first have to feel sadness, to know what is to feel down and recognize when we are feeling like everything is in it's place.

What makes you happy?

I wanna share with you what makes me happy, you can also share with me what makes you happy!

  • Seeing my cat every day playing, sleeping and wandering around


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  • Spending time with my family
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  • Playing computer games with my brother
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  • Going out with my boyfriend and doing things be both like
couple couple
  • Watching sunsets
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  • Going to the beach in the afternoons
beach beach
  • Feeling the wind
girl adventure
  • Being crazy with my friends
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  • Eating my favorite food (Spaghetti)
food breakfast
  • Going to new places, getting to know other cultures and meeting people
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  • Eating new food
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  • Watching romantic movies
hazel couple
  • Watching the stars at night and waiting to see a shooting star
clouds nature

and the list goes on and on but these are a few of the things that make me happy!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article, if you like inspirational articles follow me and if you need someone to talk to, I can be that person! -Alison G.