i like to refer to us as ions and elements, or whatever it is that we get taught in chemistry that has to do with bonding. because that's what we did, we bonded. just like a chemical reaction.

we were taught that certain elements react and become dependant on each other for a number of reasons. i only find three of them relevent.

the first is that they need each others electrons to stay stable. because they need someone to share their parts with so they can control the rest of themselves with more ease.

that's what we were seeking when we found each other. we were each others missing pieces and when we came together we had better control of ourselves and our actions.

the second reason is that the elements needed to react, they couldn't be near each other without doing so. they craved it so much so, that they just needed to become one.

when we met we exchanged little to no words, and the next day we were texting non stop. we did that because we couldn't go a day without talking to each other, without knowing what we did and who we saw. we wanted to make sure we both knew everything there was to know.

the third thing is that i believe they were simply just lonely.

yes, that's it. lonely. perhaps they were just bored of being on their own and wanted to experiment and see what it was like to bond to another atom, and find itself.

that was the main reason, i think. we were both broken and alone and desperately needed someone, so we shared some ideas and gave each other stereotypical labels and went on with our lives, together.

obviously, like it always is with good things, they come to an end. there's always a catch. a line in the terms and conditions that we didn't read.

becasue relationships, just like chemical reactions, end. maybe even worse, they go wrong. and in the end, it's not just broken equipment.

but a broken heart.